Get A Realistic Experience While Playing The Game

Video games play a major role in the life of many children and grown-up people. This is the biggest stress buster for the people that relieves the tensions and enjoy the moment. Sometimes the gamers get addicted to the game very much that may be a little drawback for playing the video game. The people used to play video games as it increases the concentration power, decision making, memory skills, mind relaxation and much more. Thus there are a variety of games like action, thriller, crime, adventure and much more are available in the market in favor of the gamers. If the gamers want to play the games they have to buy the game by giving the required price. There are many free versions of the game are also available on the internet so the people can enjoy the trial versions of the game. The super metroid snes rom is an interesting game that has been played by the millions of users around the world.

About the game

This is a popular game where the users can play in play stations or video games. The graphics features available in this super metroid snes rom is unbelievable that makes the children and adults get addicted to it. This is the PlayStation game that gives real fighting effect with the vibrations in the joystick. This is the game where the gamers get addicted to it easily and want to unlock the new features and the levels in the game often. This game is worth for its price value as it gives the action-adventure effect for the players.

super metroid snes romThe game consists of the various levels that can be unlocked when shooting the correcting enemies. The interesting characters in the game like Samus Aron, Draygon, Botwoon, Mother Brain, Kraid, Ridely, Phantoon, etc. adds more interest to the gamers to play the game. Thus the combinations of the action and the adventure effects in the game makes the people get mad on this game. This is the game that is published by Nintendo for the super Nintendo entertainment system a few years back. This game is the third part of the metroid series. The story of the game is that the primary character Samus travels to planet zebes and battles against the space pirates. The gameplay, the atmosphere, background music and other music, graphics are the biggest advantage for this game.

The Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano are the main music directors for this super metroid snes rom. They have composed the music according to the situation and made the game to be more realistic while playing. This is the reason gamers likes to play this game. The power-ups and other bonus rewards and getting advanced weapons as the mystery in the game increase the interest of the gamers over this game. Even though this game did not achieve a great level in the market in Japan it becomes more trending and highly sold game in North America. Thus the company started to distribute the copies of the game to the worldwide market.

Tips and tricks to play the game

This super metroid snes rom has the various tricks and techniques for the players so that they can unlock the new levels and the secret rewards in the game. This makes the gamers to play easily and complete the task within the limited time. The various cheat codes are available for gamers to complete the tasks. Few of them are as follows

  • DD38-C4A8 is used to skip the intro and start from the planet zebes. C288-C5A7 gives the gamers the infinite weapons for the players that make them destroy any kind of difficult opponents even the main boss ion the game. Thus there are much more codes are available in the game that gives the great experience and the entertainment for the players to unlock the new levels and the secrets easily. Thus they can finish the game within three hours.
  • Just long press the fire button and confirm that the first shot that you have shot opens the blue door. If yes means then you are ready to charge with the hyper beam. Now just pass the door and do the shooting process you will get a large beam while shooting.
  • Instead of using the gravity suit to cross the underwater the gamers can simply hide in the place where the water is fully submerged and choose the maridia or the lower Norfair room and try to jump. Now press the pause button and off the gravity suit and again resume the play you can see the high jump from the character.
  • The many gamers feel difficult to battle against the final villain of the game. The gamers can destroy him, easily with the help of all the five beams. In order to get all the five beams, the player has to first grab the spazar beam that is seen in the equipment screen. Once done then the player is ready to collect all other remaining beams so that he can completely destroy the mother brain.

Therefore using the cheat codes and the short cut methods to play the super metroid snes rom may be easy but it does not give more excitement and thrilling effect for the gamers. The players have to play on their own then only they can find more interesting things and gather more ideas about the gameplay. This super Nintendo entertainment system is much helpful for the gamers to play using the advanced joystick version. The gamers can easily play the game using all the button in the joystick. They can easily navigate through the game without any disturbance. The super metroid snes rom is available in the different versions so the gamers can choose the best versions of the game that suits their device.

Thus the Super NES is the best 16-bit video game that is developed by the Nintendo Company a few decades back. This makes the gamers to feel the game in the realistic way that grabbed the attraction of the gamers around the world to buy this video game. This is the advanced version of the NES where the graphics and sounds are very much attractive and high quality.